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Website Auditor Review

Website Auditor Review

Website Auditor Review- for a Stormy SEO Approach

Do you know what’s extinct besides “Dinosaurs”?

It’s cheap link building tactics!

Yes, if you hated Penguin and Hummingbird, then you should wait for the next update.

Replacement: What is website audit about? Better SEO or Better User Experience?

It is impossible to rank to the first page of Google in a Day, but you can certainly improve your tactics and approach.

Doing so, I came across an audit tool, the Website Auditor. I got it and worked with it.

How was my experience?

Wait, I am writing it all down in my “Website Auditor Review.”

Introduction to Website Auditor

Website Auditor is Search Engine Optimization tool by SEO Power Suite. This is an Onpage tool that not only checks for flaws in your SEO approach but also gets rid of them. This Tool Crawls a website and offers an extensive range of SEO data points and analyze statistic to provide you a precise strategy for improving the efficiency of your online business. Website Auditor also proves to be an efficient tool for SEO Agencies which offer Whitelabel and branded SEO reports to their clients as this tool takes the sweat out of your marketing.

I personally used the Professional version.

According to my experience, I am writing down the Website Auditor Review describing every feature of this product with the weight of its benefits and disadvantages. These points will be followed by my conclusion that whether you should trust it or not!

Following the briefly detailed features of this Tool:

Feature One: SEO Health Check

SEO Powersuite’s Website Auditor runs a brief SEO Health Check to point out the flaws in HTML Coding and structure of your website. It checks your whole website to find and fix the technical issues that can drop your ranking.

It checks all over your website (each and every page) and organizes them to make a tree list while checking for other onpage factors as well.

It’s your handy assistant for spotting and fixing broken links, and checks HTML Code for warning and errors.

Also, Website Auditor keeps an eye out for HTTP Response codes to get rid of page loading problems while it controls the internal link structure. In case you didn’t have time to check your content, it will also fix title and descriptions that are copied, missing or a bit long.

See the Below for Reference:

Feature Two: Crawling and Indexing

In no time at all, the Website Auditor runs a brief audit of a website and looks out for problems and causes responsible for blocking and slowing down your ranking:

Index and Crawl Errors: This Auditor Crawl and index page that are restricted from being index. It also takes care of pages that have 4xx and 5xx errors along with pages that have issues related to Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml setup.

Redirects: The tool helps to sort out pages with 302/301 redirect. It also helps with pages that have rel=”canonical” and refresh error.

Encoding and Technicalities: It deals with encoding and other technical issues of pages that are related to flash, frame or in rich with heavy page elements.

Problems Associated with URL: This tool also checks for dynamic and long URL, points them out and fix them as per user instruction.

Links: The Auditor checks and fix pages that have a heck load of outgoing links, broken links or do follow external links

Issues Related to Content: If a problem occurs, this tool will simply empty the duplicate Meta Title and Meta Description, which are either too long or categorized as thin content.

The following image will help to clarify this:

Feature Three: Page’s Content Optimization

The Website Auditor optimizes your page content according to profitable keywords while helping you to avoid stuffing content with them. It does so by calculating ideal keyword density to ensure that your page ranks well.

Yes, your page ranks well while it becomes search engine friendly without triggering any keyword stuffing penalty. Meanwhile this tool sees to this, it provides you a step by step guide for content optimization.

In short, it gives you landing page a real kick start!

Feature Four: Social Media and Traffic Stats

Now you can monitor the important metrics of social media while you enjoy real-time traffic stats for each and every page of your website, all because of this tool.

It allows you to improve your strategy, by bringing forward the most shared pages on your website while getting networking platforms, where your content will be appreciated the most.  All along, this tool even allows to compare the data of actual visits brought in by the social networking sites.

See below for reference:

Feature Five: Site Audit Reports

If you are an SEO consultant or ing your own blog, the Website Auditor helps you to increase the effectiveness of your SEO tactics by compiling and study your site audit report. Yes, this tool allows you to produce whitelabel ranking reports in both HTML and PDF Formats.

While at it, this tool also provides you the option of branding your reports with your company logo with the freedom to choose the color and what should be added and not.

This tool can be scheduled for running health checks automatically.  This helps you to sort out the issues related to your website as soon as they arise. Yes, if there is anything that is not for your best interest, it will be taken care by the smart onpage strategy that will help you to stay out of trouble.

With a set of impressive and efficient features, Website Auditor also has its perks and cons. These are mentioned as following to help you make your mind about this Audit Tool:


  • It Supports MAC version Natively
  • It audits your website and provides you a detailed audit of your SEO including all glitches and loop holes
  • Website Auditor optimizes the website posts and pages
  • You can customize the workspace to work exactly for how you are comfortable
  • It delivers detailed reporting related to each aspect of your website
  • Website auditor helps you to find Broken Links


  • Users will need extra license if they want to use this tool on more than one device
  • It consists of a few old SEO metrics these are still effective, but something fresh would be a lot better!
  • It needs to be installed on Pc, not acting as a cloud service which limits your options
  • When it comes to audit a big website, it needs a considerable amount of time
  • This Audit tool needs the user to subscribe to algorithm updates in order to enjoy optimization

Final Words

According to my experience, it’s a great tool considering everything. It helps you to improve your SEO approach by pointing out the glitches and provide real time audit reports to figure out that how you can possibly improve it. With this tool, you can even create your very own report templates according to the templates you would like to post.

Features such as report output, custom crawl parameters, and other social aspects make it an effortless take for your SEO needs.

Considering that have been said in my Website Auditor Review, in the end

it’s worth what you pay for it!

If you want a complete overview of your SEO approach with tactics and results including all juicy details, then you must consider this tool.

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